Natal Uranus Retrograde Meaning

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Moon trine Uranus brings change and excitement to your life without causing upset and chaos. Trust your intuition, especially in relationships where you can break the ice or ask someone out on a date. Chance encounters, new friends and romance are possible because of this sociable and open-minded influence.

You will likely be attracted to unusual types of people or those from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds than yourself. This is a good time to try something new in your home environment or routine. It is also good for breaking bad habits and leaving boring or unhealthy relationships. Sun conjunct Venus brings love, peace, harmony, and beauty, with a focus on your love relationships, creativity, and finances. This pleasant, affectionate, charming and sociable influence is a good omen for friendships and romance. This is a good time for seeking pleasure through sex, amusement, entertainment and partying, but also for relaxing in comfort or having fun with children.

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Good fashion sense and an eye for a bargain make this a good time for shopping and decorating. Fixed star Hamal conjunct Uranus: Pleasant, sympathetic, easily influenced, sensitive, strong passions, weak nature, mediumistic, drink or detrimental habits, many friends, love troubles, death under distressing circumstances. Asteroid Aphrodite is named after the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, passion, and sex.

She is identified with the planet Venus and the Roman goddess Venus. Aphrodite is a major deity in Wicca and regarded as one aspect of the Goddess. She is frequently invoked by name during spells dealing with love and romance. Wiccans regard Aphrodite as the ruler of human emotions, erotic spirituality, creativity, and art. You wrote an article about it which was a very helpful btw, thank you. My solar return is sept 29th and i happen to have jupiter about to cross my ascendant then, too.

Thanks for this incredible site. Just wanted to let you know that now you're a part of my mentor group and I'm very grateful for you.

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Thank you so much Elle. The layout was a new idea that just came to me like a Uranus flash of insight I guess. I do have Sun conjunct Uranus. I should try to keep the idea going in future posts. I hope you love you new calling as much as I do. I like it too. I agree with Elle, this is an empowering format with bad news first so that I can see the whole picture in reference to how I can actively influence the experience.

Thanks for the life vest amidst the choppy waters. Well said, Lori!

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Cheers :. Jamie, if this Uranus Stations Rx falls on a solar return, would you anticipate a year of major change ahead? I have Venus 13 degrees in taurus. I forgot to say, that Uranus rules my 7 and 8 houses. Venus rules 4 and 11 houses. Is it bad if she is considered a bomb in my chart?

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I read about it in Lynda Hills Sabian Symbols. This is part rhetorical, part not. I feel like a pressure cooker that needs to go off right now, that has needed to for awhile but issues have been swept under the rug. Plus it is in relation to Uranus so its all the flint and tinder that is needed.

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Menu Skip to content. Search for:. Uranus Retrograde August 4, August 15, Jamie Partridge. In place of too many planetary shakeups, the moon will throw us a curveball next summer, when it hits its "new" phase twice in July. Its cycle will continue normally, but be aware that that month may bring you double opportunities to rest and, if you wish, hit the reset button on an area of your life. And one more heads up: Next year will feature just as many eclipses as Sure, on one hand these solar and lunar events can signal evolution and positive change, but on the other hand, they can really throw our regularly scheduled lives through a loop , so it's good to know when you'll need to brace for their impact.

Ahead, find out when all the new moons, full moons, eclipses , retrogrades , and Zodiac seasons will occur in Dates for all lunar phases are determined by EST. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto?

The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it. Early in the morning on Saturday, 28th September, the new moon will rise in Libra, the sign of the Scales. All new moons symbolise new beginnings, and with. I spent the weekend with Aubrey Marcus, a wellness guru soothing the souls of modern men.